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The Use of Non-Emergency Medical Transport for Daily Activities, Post-Surgery and Follow-Up Doctor Appointments

With a growing senior population, the need for non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is on the rise. Whether they’ve lost their spouse or both spouses have reached an age where driving is no longer possible, there is a need for assistance with medical appointments as well as daily activities such as grocery shopping. NEMT is an affordable transportation option for them that also allows them to remain in their homes. 

As seniors reach a time when driving is no longer an option, social isolation becomes a concern. Social isolation can be attributed to poorer quality of life and is a contributor to earlier death. When affordable transportation options are available, seniors can stay connected to their community, family, and friends thus allowing them to remain healthy and active. (Source: Daily Caring) Grocery shopping, volunteering, social activities, and medical appointments become limited or postponed when seniors are unable to drive or do not have access to reliable, and affordable, transportation.

Seniors who no longer drive and who live in suburban areas are forced to stay at home due to the lack of transportation. This isolation adds to less contact with friends and family, and the likelihood that they will delay or cancel medical appointments increases. They also become less active in their communities, and society misses out on the contributions they make to society. Phil Stafford, director of Indiana University’s Center on Aging and Community, states, “Pursuing the new relationships and learning opportunities that give meaning to life becomes more difficult if you’re isolated, and those who aren’t seniors miss out on the chance to benefit from the millions of senior citizens who can no longer drive, but are capable of volunteering or contributing to society and our personal lives in other ways.” (Source: Vox)

Non-emergency medical transportation companies, such as Transport Care Services (TCS), not only provide seniors assistance with post-surgery and medical appointments, but with daily activities as well. They offer a variety of personal or work-related transport — airport transfers, pick-up and drop-off to church and adult day care, transfers for daily activities, as well as recreational travel. Transportation can be one-way or round-trip. By providing a multitude of transportation options, TCS helps facilitate a healthy and active lifestyle for seniors. They are able to complete daily activities, such as grocery shopping, and keep post-surgery and follow-up medical appointments. (Source: Transport Care Services)

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