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Delivering exceptional service to guarantee customer satisfaction

"Transport Care Services would be a great candidate for contracts there is to offer."

Since the contractual agreement between Transport Care Services, LLC and Medical Transportation Management Inc., began in January of 2010, there has been nothing but professionalism, honesty, and commitment. Transport Care Services, LLC is great company to have working for you. The company is prompt and stands by their word. Transport Care Services, LLC is always there when needed, whether its by phone, email, or fax. They provide high quality transportation services whether same day, next day, or a month in advance. They have a large service area that compliments the needs of passengers…

Matthew D. Bollwerk
Field Inspector, Medical Transportation Management Inc.

"Excellent choice to take on any contact, small or large…"

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference on behalf of Transport Care Services and Christopher Land. As the Regional Manager with LogisiCare Solutions, I have know Mr. Land in a professional capacity for two years. I believe Transport Care Services under Mr. Land leadership has not only the ability but the skills, vehicles, and trained staff to perform any and all non emergency transportation. Mr. Land’s extensive knowledge of transportation allows him the opportunity to take on any contract for transportation as well as his ability to procure and develop new areas of business relationships….

April P. Izlar
Regional Manager at LogistiCare Solutions

"They have proven to be responsible, honest, reliable…."

Our company, Global Trans Services, is a transportation scheduling firm that is responsible for coordinating appointments and transport scheduling for our clients. Transport Care Services is an independent contract company, helping us provide Wheelchair Lifts, Stretcher and Ambulatory services in Columbia, South Carolina.

Their dedication and hard work makes them a valuable asset to our company. They have proven to be responsible, honest, reliable, organized, efficient, and extremely competent.

Global Trans Services fully supports Transport Care Services and feel confident in recommending their services. They are easy to work with and always available to answer any questions or concerns.

Dexter Payne
Dispatch Manager, Globals Trans Services

"Transport Care Services has performed exemplary."

Transport Care Services, LLC has been providing transportation services for the Veterans assigned to Dorn Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Columbia, SC since October 2012. Transport Care Services has performed exemplary. The Owner, Mr. Christopher Land, went above and beyond to ensure the Veterans were on time for their appointments. Knowing the most important element of his service is on time arrival for their appointments, he instituted an internal procedure to ensure the Veterans were aware of their scheduled pick up time. The Veterans were called 24 hours in advance to remind them of their appointment and pick up time. This resulted in a reduction of missed appointments and wait time.

His vehicles were inspected randomly by VA personnel and found to have no issues. Their vehicles were highly maintained. The drivers were always dressed in a company uniform with a badge for proper recognition.

Transport Care Services, LLC has a caring attitude towards customers and a wiliness to provide excellence service and would be an asset to any organization

Le Sabre Scott
Contract Specialist at Veterans Affairs Department